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City to Ask SHA Requesting Improvements to the Pedestrian Signal at Campus Drive and College Park Trolly Trail

A pedestrian-activated crosswalk at Campus Drive and the Rhode Island Avenue Trolley Trail was installed years ago to provide a safe crossing of Campus Drive. Ownership of Campus Drive was transferred from Prince George’s County to Maryland due to the construction of the Purple Line, and during construction, this and other intersections have been changed to a fixed-time cycle.

Staff was informed that the cycle should not exceed 70 seconds and could be as quick as 40 seconds. However, it has been reported that the cycle is longer, and users are not waiting for it. They may believe it is broken because for years it changed almost immediately when a user pushed the button.

The City Council will consider approving a letter asking the SHA to address this important pedestrian safety concern.


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  1. David L.

    Thank you for this looking into this crossing. The overall construction all over the city has been quite disruptive. I can handle that on most days. The long delays to pedestrians is what makes visiting College Park a chore.

    Once things get back to “normal”, I hope College Park will engage with MD SHA on light timings along Route 1 for pedestrians. Right now, pedestrians are subjected to undue delay because they are required to push a button to call for a walk signal… which quickly reverts back to ‘no walk’ on a north/south journey. This is especially bad between US1 & Hartford and US 1 & Guilford. The East/west crossing are also very long waits.. And result in non-compliance by pedestrians. This is a very high pedestrian crossing and walking area. I measured my delay between 3-5 minutes in this small section from the Metro to Starbucks.

    One additional note about pedestrian safety, I’d really also like to see something more done to address the number of heavy commercial vehicles I see speeding along route 1 every morning from Greenbelt Road to MD410. 25mph signs aren’t slowing them down.

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