The Governor’s Office for Children has recently announced that it is not funding the five Youth Services Bureaus in Prince George’s County, two Youth Services Bureaus in Baltimore County and one in Anne Arundel County.

The City’s Youth and Family Services program is one of the 20 Youth Service Bureaus in the State; one of five in Prince George’s County. Already, the action of the Governor’s Office of Children has sparked a strong and growing reaction by state legislators, the Maryland Association of Youth Service Bureaus (MAYSB), individual Bureaus across the state and the community-at-large. The Governor’s Office is now reporting that the Governor has not decided whether to release the funds.

Ten years ago when all of the Youth Service Bureaus were cut from the budget, the public outcry was successful in reversing the decision and the funds re-instated. This situation is stronger than ten years ago. Then the issue was to get Youth Service Bureaus back in the budget. This time Youth Service Bureaus are in the budget and funds specifically designated for their funding are in the budget and so the issue today is to advocate for the Governor to release the funds.

The Council is expected to go into a special session and approve a letter asking the Governor’s office continue funding for youth services bureaus.