Residents at the January 13, 2020 community meeting discussing the proposed park

At next week’s Council meeting, Council award a contract to Greenman–Pedersen, Inc for the design and engineering specifications for a park facility at the Odessa outlet, in an amount not to exceed $56,000.00,

Residents in the Sunnyside neighborhood have expressed interest in the concept of a play area for children in their neighborhood that will include the best outdoor playhouses for children, so they won’t have to cross busy Rhode Island Avenue to play at a playground that is close to their home.

Staff sent letters to the neighborhood residents and held a community meeting in January 13, 2020 to obtain community feedback. Residents that attended the community meeting expressed positive
interest for the creation of children’s play area at the Odessa outlot.

Two parcels make up this space, parcel 46, block E and the outlot. These parcels were donated to the City in 1999 with the intent the land be used for recreational purposes.

Beltway expansion will affect the part of the proposed park area

The siting of the play area will be on the north parcel (outlot), which is outside of the identified limit of disturbance of the proposed Maryland Department of Transportation Beltway widening project. The MDOT is proposing a 30 ft buffer into the park area. This has led the city to move the park area to the north of the lot.

30 ft buffer shown into the proposed park area

Bids were received from three engineering firms to develop a concept design for the project and associated engineering plans, to submit to Prince George’s County for approval and construction specifications for the play area amenities.

Bid results included:
Charles P. Johnson & Associates, Inc. $ 79,795.00
Greenman–Pedersen, Inc. $ 54,852.47
RK&K $185,178.18

Greenman–Pedersen, Inc. submitted the most competitively priced bid for the design and engineering of the park facility on the Odessa outlot.