In 2017, the County Council instructed DPW&T to create standards for transit districts and local centers. Collaborating with other agencies, including the Department of Permitting and Inspections (DPIE), DPW&T developed Urban Street Design standards. Unfortunately, these new standards have not been consistently implemented, and in some instances, multi-modal streets were not required.

The Walkable Urban Streets Act (CB 69) and resolutions (CR 67 and CR 68) update Prince George’s County’s people-friendly Urban Streets Design Standards and require they be used when the County undertakes road projects in designated centers. The updated standards establish safer streets for people walking and bicycling near Regional Transit Centers (e.g., Metro stations) and Local Centers, as identified in Plan Prince George’s 2035, the County’s land use plan [the Purple Line stations in College Park are noted
as Campus Centers]. This legislation requires the use of walkable street designs which help spur economic growth and boost the vibrancy, safety, and appeal of Prince George’s County mixed-use centers.

At next week’s Council meeting, the City will consider sending a letter on behalf of the City in support of CB 69.