The provided content discusses the need for the city to update and maintain its security camera system. Previously, the city had a contract with Hitachi to manage these cameras, but that contract has expired. Renewing this contract is essential to ensure that the security cameras function properly for crime prevention and investigation.

Additionally, there’s a proposal to enhance the city’s security infrastructure by adding three new cameras at specific locations. These new cameras require utility poles and other necessary installations.

From a financial perspective:

Renewing the contract with Hitachi for five years will cost the city $162,124.54. If the city chooses to pay annually instead, the cost rises slightly to $170,657.41.
The installation of the three additional cameras comes with a price tag of $52,764.
The recommended action is for the city to approve the renewal contract with Hitachi and authorize the City Manager to finalize the agreement. This move ensures that the city’s security measures remain up-to-date and effective.