Each year staff surveys approximately 52.2 miles of streets and rates them 1 to 10, with 1 being the best and 10 the worst. The plan is divided into 20 subdivisions. Streets are sorted by their rating and by their respective subdivision in which they are located.

Staff inspected and rated City streets in January and February 2023, and most were found to be in good condition. Specifically, 46.8 out of 52.2 miles (89.7%) were rated good (1.0 to 3.5), 5.4 miles (10.3%) were rated fair (4.0 to 5.5), and 0 miles (0%) were rated poor (6.0 to 10.0). It is City policy to keep streets below the rating of 5.0; 100% of street miles were rated below 5.0 for FY2024. See attached chart on “FY2024 Street Miles Vs. Pavement Index” for a graphical summary of how many street miles were rated at each index level.

Please note that this report reflects the acquisition of Rhode Island Ave in North College Park from Prince George’s County, the removal of segments of Rhode Island Ave Service Roads near Edgewood Rd that have been converted into pedestrian plazas, and the addition of Morgan Ln in Lord Calvert Manor.

The City is in Year 13 of the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) water and sewer main replacement project program. The Edmonston Rd project in the College Park Estates and Yarrow
neighborhoods has been completed, and the roadway will be resurfaced after the sidewalk on the east side of the street is constructed.

The City continues to coordinate resurfacing efforts with Washington Gas. The utility completed multiple projects in the College Park Woods and Berwyn neighborhoods. Affected streets, including Limestone Pl, Dewberry Ln, St Andrews Pl, Tecumseh St, and 49th Ave have been resurfaced. In addition, Washington Gas has resurfaced Guilford Pl, the 5100- and 5200-Blocks of Kenesaw St, the 9200-Block of 48th Ave, and the 4800- and 4900-

Blocks of Niagara Rd. There are plans to replace additional services on Rhode Island Ave in Calvert Hills, on Norwich Rd in Old Town, and on 49th Ave and Edgewood Rd in Hollywood. We will continue to coordinate City’s pavement resurfacing program with WSSC and Washington Gas as this work progresses.

In the last 5 years, 15.5 miles of streets have been resurfaced: 3.1 miles by the City, 1.5 miles by Prince George’s County, 4.7 miles by Washington Gas, and 2.9 miles by WSSC. The remaining streets were resurfaced by a combination of utilities, private developers and the City.

Fourteen (14) streets, 2.8 miles, were rated 4.5. The FY2024 street resurfacing recommendation includes multiple streets with ratings of 4.5: Wichita Avenue, 48th Place, 49th Place, and Delaware Street.

[City of College Park Pavement Management Plan]