Back in October last year, I attended a focus group meeting on the city’s strategic plan. This was one of the several such meetings that the city did to get inputs from the citizens on the way the city should be running for the next five years.

The city has posted the feedback from the participants here on its website. Accordingly, the City has made a draft proposal on the plan.

In case you don’t have the time to read the entire drfat plan, here is the section that the City says it will “pursue its strategic direction through the following goals“:
Goal I: Convenient transportation options that improve local travel and reduce traffic congestion.
Goal II Lead the community in environmental conservation, protection, restoration, and energy efficiency.
Goal III Consistent high-quality and cost-effective public services that contribute to a safe, welcoming City for individuals of all ages.
Goal IV Neighborhoods that are safe, peaceful and attractive and retain their own unique identity.
Goal V Expand the local economy and tax base with smart redevelopment strategies.

A public hearing on the draft plan will be held tomorrow, March 2, at 7 pm at City Hall. More on the hearing can be found here.