At tonight’s Council meeting, the City Council approved sponsorship for two great community events: (1) Community Health Fair and (2) Annual Winter Coat Drive.

I am very happy to introduce both motions, which passed unanimously.

  • City-wide winter coat drive will be taking place in collaboration with One Warm Coat, from Monday, November 9, 2015 to Sunday November 29 2015. City staff to place collection boxes at various City locations and send the donated items to one or more local non-profit agencies serving residents in need. The Council also approved the payment of an administrative fee of $100.00 to One Warm Coat.
  • The Council also approved City’s sponsorship for the Community Health Fair, organized by the by the Carrollton Enterprise on November 7 at the MoM / REI shopping complex. Carrollton will only use City’s name and logo in their promotion materials.

I plan to post more information about these two events later.