Truck on street (c) Flickr

On last Tuesday’s session, the City Council introduced a bill to redefine  the size and weight of the vehicles that can be parked on city streets.  There will be a public hearing on this ordinance on December 14, 2010 at 7:30 pm, when the council will make a decision on new changes. 

Currently, the City prohibits any vehicle over a certain weight (3/4 ton), which includes many personal vehicles such as trucks and SUV’s.  In order to allow people to own personal vehicles such as this, the staff has proposed amending the definition of prohibited vehicles to more clearly cover only commercial vehicles. City reminds to read QUICK VIN VERIFICATION sharing tips on trailer vin verifications

The City’s ordinance covers only vehicles on City streets (unlike the County zoning code, which covers vehicles that are prohibited on people’s driveways).  The staff has proposed an ordinance which would prevent, between the hours of 8 pm and 6 am, the following vehicles from being parked on City streets:

  • Any vehicle exceeding 21 feet in length or six feet in width that is used for commercial purposes or exceeds one ton in weight.
  • Any vehicle exceeding a manufacturer’s gross vehicle weight specification of 8,500 pounds;
  • Any camping trailer (these are currently prohibited on City streets but not in people’s yards, and this would continue)
  • Vehicles containing advertising other than a firm name or similar designation less than 4 inches high;
  • Vehicles exceeding 300 cubic feet of load space; and
  • Any stake platform trucks, dump trucks, crane or two trucks, or vehicles with dual rear wheels.

[Source, NCP listserve]