Hmm - not quite a safe fun (

It may sound like weired to even thinking of furniture on rooftops in our town, but it’s real! College Park does have residents who put up furniture on top of their houses.

According to one City council member, at least three residents decided to place furniture on rooftop, instead of their usual indoor spaces.

That prompted the City council to bring a ordinance banning placement of furniture of city’s residences. They first introduced the ordinance in a November 2010 council session.

The new ordinance is all about ‘public safety’ – according to City officials.

You can read the details of the proposed ordinance here on the City’s website.

A public hearing on the subject will be held on March 22 at the City Hall. So far,  there seems to be no opposition against the new rule.

According to the ordinance, if the City’s code enforcement officials find anyone in violation of the rule, they would pay a $200 fine for first violations and a $400 fine would be issued for repeat violations for every additional seven-day period. The money from the fines would go to the city’s general fund.

Though a coincidence, the City of New York has recently passed a resolution early this month banning placement of any indoor furniture anywhere outside of city’s residence.