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City Seeks Input about Proposed Dog Park in North College Park

Next Thursday, January 11, the North College Park Community Association (NCPCA) will discuss a concept plan for a new dog park at Duvall Field.

$70,000 was included in the City budget to plan for a dog park in the current FY 2018 budget. The location of the proposed park is to the south of the new concession building, where the small softball field (“B” field) is located.

The City is interested to receive input of residents regarding the location, and Staff will be present to address questions, comments, and concerns from residents. The meeting will take place at Davis Hall at 7:30 pm.


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  1. Mary Lintner

    I am against having a dog park at Duvall Field. I believe the combination of kids, food and dogs is dangerous. Duvall Field is a sports park, used by the CPBGC for soccer, lacrosse and t-ball. College kids in the neighborhood play kick ball, softball and Frisbee, the Boy Scouts have their BBQ Fundraiser, Maryland Stingers (rugby) have practice and other organizations use the field for camps, etc. Having dogs in the mix is risky, let alone the smell.
    I’m not sure why the City is willing to spend $70,000 dollars on a dog park. This is a single family home neighborhood with yards and sidewalks. .
    I would like to see that $70,000 going towards a Community Center with a basketball court, so the families in the Club do not have to travel to Landover, Lanham and Berwyn Heights to practice. Please keep me update, thanks.

  2. Joan Keller

    I know you have my personal perspective as a nearby resident but also wanted to address this from CPBGC board member as well. I am not in favor of the dog park and have concerns for the safety of the children both on the adjacent field and those walking back and forth to the snack bar. I have seen dog of very good temperament snap at a child for no apparent reason when approached. What type of safety measures will be put into place around the proposed area? How will this area be maintained to ensure that it is cleaned regularly? Concerned about how sanitary this is being right next to the snack bar and where the Boy Scouts regularly set up their chicken roast as well as the eating area. Lastly this field is used by several groups for practice and prior to being closed off 2 seasons, during the snack bar renovation, t-ball games/scrimmages were being played there.

  3. Fazlul Kabir

    Mary and Joan, Many thanks for your input. I’ll share your thoughts with folks involved in the planning of the proposed park. Thank you!

  4. Lori McGee

    I would like to share my opinion on the proposed dog park at Duvall. I am a dog owner and mother of 3 active children who have all participated, or are participating in CPBGC athletics, and I am also on the Board of the College Park Boys & Girls Club. As a dog owner, I would love to have a dog park in the area that is easily accessible, however, I am concerned about the proposed location. We have a growing athletic programs that use the proposed location, and I feel this would put restrictions on the growth of teams and limit opportunities for new student-athletes and families to enjoy the field. Not to mention the use is gets by other community organizations and community members. I’m sure everyone will agree that getting our young children physically active and teaching them all the important skills and sportsmanship that athletics can offer are important to maintain and support.

    I’m a bit perplexed as to why there would be large, long-awaited, expensive renovation of the concession facilities, all to put a dog park right next to them. The concession stand is (typically) intended for use by athletic programs, and it seems that having animals running so close to the concession is counter-intuitive.

    I would like to see those funds used toward a dog park in ANOTHER location, or toward assistance in finding or creating some basketball courts, as we (until this year) had a fast growing basketball program, but had to turn community members away and cancel teams due to a lack of practice facilities.

    We look forward to hearing more about the progress of this decision.

  5. Mandy Buchanan

    I would like to go on record to say I am strongly against a dog park in North College Park and, most importantly, the proposed location. $70,000.00 to build a dog park? Why? I am a dog owner and resident and have always enjoyed letting my dog out the door to my yard and playing there. We even enjoy a stroll around the neighborhood. We are a neighborhood of families not a city of apartments. Having food, children and dogs all in the same vicinity seems like a recipe for disaster. If you dont have kids playing sports and visiting the park, why did we build a new snack bar? Other locations if we can’t use the funds for the kids would be Birch field or the one further up Rhode Island Ave. by the State Police Barracks.

    There are many things in our city we could put that money towards. Certainly, as mentioned above, something for the youth of our city. I too have 3 children. 2 frew up playing only in the boys and girls club. As a previous board member I was part of the original committee that helped to requested the funding for the Duvall renovations, about a decade ago? It was to improve the fields and the faciloties for the youth. There was never any mention of a dog park. Having proper facilities of our own for our children seems a great place to start with this separate fund. Our children need to be outside. They need exercise, not another excuse to watch TV while Mom and Dad take the dog to the park instead of them. I know we are always looking for places to practice basketball. Or maybe some other athletic field or facility could go there. Tennis? Batting cages? Pavilion? Amphitheater? Skate park? The B field definitely needs some TCL after this construction project. I just ask you to please reconsider this and make the park great again for the kids to come back on a regular basis.

    Thank you for your time.

  6. Mandy Buchanan

    So sorry for the typos. Auto-correct… meant TLC for B field. Thank you again!

  7. Shaela Mecholsky

    My children don’t participate in the organized sports programs at Duvall Field, but I agree that this location is not ideal. Even assuming that the dogs pose no threat to the children or concessions, I wonder if all of the noise and activity from the concessions, the adjacent fields, and the traffic on RI Ave will make the dogs nervous, which could lead to unnecessary aggressiveness and spoil their owners’ enjoyment of the park. There is a small clearing off of 51st Ave in front of the public works yard where many people currently walk their dogs – could this area be expanded and used instead?

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