City is considering to propose a grant request to pay for 50% of the design and bidding package for the undergrounding of utilities associated with the reconstruction of US 1 from College Avenue to MD-193. State Highway Administration has set the cost of this work at an amount not to exceed $300,000; therefore, the CL application will request funding in the amount of$150,000.

Applications for FY 2015 Community Legacy (CL) funding are due to the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) by July 15, 2014 and require a City Council resolution. For FY 2014, the City submitted an application for $75,000 to expand the Commercial Tenant Improvement Program that was previously funded through an FY 2013 application, but it was not approved for additional funding. In FY 2012, the City received $75,000 for the demolition of vacant and blighted buildings on Route 1, which is in the
process of being closed out.

During a training session on May 14, 2014, the DHCD announced that FY 2015 CL funding would be $6,000,000 statewide. CL funds are aimed at strengthening communities through activities such as business retention and attraction, encouraging homeownership, and public infrastructure improvements. Projects must be consistent with the City’s approved Sustainable Community Plan.

City Council will discuss the matter in more details at next Tuesday’s worksession. Staff is recommending approval of the attached resolution authorizing the City Manager to file a FY 2015 application for the Community Legacy program requesting $150,000 in grant funds.