The Little House - The City bought this house using Community legacy fund. It plans to demolish the house and build the Gateway Park at this site

For the past ten years, the City has been designated as a “Community Legacy” area based on the 2002 US 1 Sector Plan. This allows the City to receive certain development grants from the State.

In order to continue receiving grants like this, the City had to apply by April 10, 2012, to be designated as a “Sustainable Communities” area, or the designation would sunset on June 1, 2012. Although the State legislature extended this deadline to December 31, 2013, the staff intends to meet the original deadline.

Last year, at the August 2011 worksession, the Council decided to expand the designation from just the US 1 corridor to the entire City.

In this Wednesday’s council worksession, the City will discuss the consideration of a resolution adopting a Sustainable Community Plan.

To obtain a Sustainable Community designation, the City must show that the designated areas are in need of continued investment for revitalization.

Some of the past community legacy grants that the City has received have been for funding of the project to demolish vacant and abandoned buildings in the US 1 corridor and to build the Gateway Park on US 1 and Edgewood Road.