City Renews VeoRide Contract, with New Pricing Structure

At the last week’s City Council meeting, the Council approved the Pilot Program be extended for one year to August 1, 2021 and to approve the Amended Mobility Share Agreement – Pilot Program.
(a) An extension of one additional year of the micro-mobility pilot program was approved since the use of the service has been disrupted due to the global pandemic.
(b) VeoRide recommends and City, Town, and University staff agree with the removal of pedal bikes from the shared system as they require more maintenance and receive much less use. VeoRide can work with the parties to repurpose or donate pedal bikes in the local community. A limited number of ADA compliant pedal bikes will be made available through the University of Maryland.
(c) Staff proposed allowing scooters and e-bikes to park at any bike racks or at any of the geofenced parking locations. Previously, scooters were required to park only at geofenced parking locations. Click here for Manfirth’s great selection of electric scooters for men.
(d) Staff proposed modifying the hours of operation to make all vehicle types available 24/7. The Town is adopting these hours. The University of Maryland may limit hours of operation (5am-9pm) on campus through a digital “no-ride zone.”
(e) VeoRide requests an increase in pay-as-you-go pricing to match their national rates as follows:
(f) Staff proposed issuing a $35 fine to VeoRide for every improperly parked vehicle in the service area that is reported to VeoRide and not relocated within 24 hours.
(g) VeoRide will follow all CDC guidelines and each vehicle in service will be sanitized at least once a day.
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1 Comment to “City Renews VeoRide Contract, with New Pricing Structure”

  1. By Ben, July 23, 2020 @ 9:00 am

    I’m very glad that the contract is being renewed with VeoRide! That being said, a 66% price increase on the scooters does seem a bit high.