City Reconsidering Refuse – Recycling Routes

The re-structuring of the refuse-recycling routes effective Monday, June 15, 2015, is not working as planned for several reasons. We knew that the Brown Station Landfill had changed its operating hours, but we did not realize how much this change would affect us. They open at 8:00am rather than 7:30am, as they had for the past several years. They close at 4:00pm, but now if your truck is not in line by 3:30pm; it is turned away and must return the next business day.

The amount of refuse this year is increasing slightly and so is recycling. Refuse is a little less than one ton per week increase, while recycling is two tons per week. I attribute the increases to the fact that in June and July 2013 and 2014 we had many vacant homes due to foreclosures or regular house sales. This summer we have fewer vacant houses. Therefore, as houses become occupied, people generate refuse and recycling. We also must take into consideration the college students will be returning, which will add more refuse and recycling.
We bit off more than we can chew with the June 2015 route restructuring. The route collections are taking longer than we estimated. On Mondays neither the two refuse trucks nor the two recycling trucks can make it to the landfill or the MRF before closing time because we are still collecting, previously the trucks were at the landfill by 2:30pm. The trucks return to DPW full and must be emptied the next day. Tuesday morning the trucks go to the landfill or recycling MRF for disposal. The drivers are not back to DPW to pickup crew for that day’s route until 9:15am. Therefore, we are 2 ½ hours behind on Tuesday and Wednesday routes start time and with collections going later in the day we are also incurring overtime on several days per week.

The new changes will more clearly follow the routes before we made the June 15, 2015, changes. Wednesday will again have two routes. Autoville South, Erie Street to Blackfoot Road, will remain on a Monday route.
The other changed neighborhoods:
 Cherry Hill and Autoville North will move from Monday back to Wednesday.  Oak Spring East (Branchville Road to Huron Street) will move from Monday back to Wednesday.  Sunnyside will move from Tuesday back to Wednesday.
 A portion of Hollywood East (Edgewood Rd. {Rhode Island Ave. to 51st Ave.} Nantucket Rd., Niagara Rd., Ontario Rd. to 51st Ave. will move from to Tuesday back Wednesday.

We will again notify residents with an information sheet and a map hand delivered to each affected house. The date of these changes will be Monday, August 17, 2015

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