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City Announces Bid to Demolish Two North College Park Eyesores

9091 Baltimore ave

9091 Baltimore ave

9339 Baltimore avenue

9339 Baltimore avenue

The City has recently put out bids to demolish two eyesores in north College Park. Both are located on Route 1 (9001 and 9339 Baltimore avenue).

You can find more about the bid (RFP – Request for Proposal) here on City’s website.

A $75,000 Community Legacy fund will be used to demolish these properties.

At 9091 Baltimore Avenue location, formerly called JPI East development, Metropolitan Development will be building a mixed-use project  with 228 apartments, 55 townhomes, 3,955 SF of retail.

The demolition is expected to be completed in this fall.





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  1. Bill Smith

    Why is the city paying for 9091 Baltimore and not the developer?

  2. Fazlul Kabir

    Hi Bill, The City is not paying for the demolition. The money will come from a State grant. The Mayor and Council approved the grant to demolish the 9091 Baltimore avenue, even before the Metropolitan Development decided to buy it and planned for the new JPI East development. The problem with these eyesore properties is that the City cannot force their owners to take them down, it can only enforce the code to a certain extent. Many residents also wanted the City to take down these properties in the November 2011 Route 1 visioning session: (please see page 4).

  3. anon

    Thanks for the information – good to see something being done about these eyesores. Can you tell us what is happening with the former Lasick’s property? That’s not looking much better these days and I would love to see something go there – maybe a grocery store or modern-looking shopping center, anything to make the Baltimore Avenue corridor look more hospitable.

  4. Fazlul Kabir

    Anon, It is now part of the new JPI West developement, on the west side of Route 1 at 9122-9128 Baltimore Ave. Monument Realty is likely to amend the existing DSP that called for 200 units and 25,000 SF of retail. However, they are expected to reduce the retail part of the program significantly to 5000 SF with an increase in number of units (from 200 to 250).

  5. Kristopher Govan

    Are the properties available to buy also, I am really interested in obtaining 9001 Baltimore Ave and all the assets on the property can someone help me

  6. Robert Catlin

    That is Jenkins’ Garage. The property is owned by Alvin Jenkins. The ONLY person who can help you is Mr. Jenkins.

  7. Kristopher Govan

    How do I find this person

  8. anita

    What is happening with the property just north of Taco Bell. What an eyesore that is!

  9. Kristopher Govan

    Does anyone know how I can get in contact with Alvin Jenkins of Jenkins garage

  10. Fazlul Kabir

    Hi Anita, That property was the former Northgate Condo project that never proceeded to construction. The property was foreclosed by Lehman Brothers, who are no longer in business of course, so it is now being marketed for sale by through their holding entity. A few people have inquired about the site and they were negotiating with someone, but it hasn’t actually been purchased at this time. Hope this helps.

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