Staff has posted the draft FY 2017 budget on the City website. You can take a look at the budget document here:

The budget document is pretty big (450 pages). A brief summary of the budget can be seen on page 8. In the new budget, no change is proposed in the property tax rates.

The Council plans to spend the most part of Saturday, April 9 to go over the entire budget.

Also, keeping the tradition, Councilmembers from District 1 and District 4 will host a budget worksession in late April to get your feedback about the budget. We’ll let you know details about this meeting soon.

The public hearing on the operating and capital budget is scheduled for Tuesday, May 10. The Mayor and Council are scheduled to adopt the FY 2017 budget ordinance on Tuesday, May 24. The effective date of the FY 2017 adopted budget is July 1, 2016.