Very grateful and honored to be reelected as Mayor of College Park. Thank you to our amazing community for your unwavering support. This victory belongs to each one of you who believes in progress and unity. Together, we’ll continue building a vibrant, inclusive future for our city. Your trust is my inspiration, and I’m committed to serving you with dedication and passion. Thank you for your confidence and belief in our vision.
Here are the final results the City published yesterday:
Kabir (Mayor) 1337
Hew (D1) 360
Hernandez (D1) 292
Esters (D2) 177
Whitney (D2) 176
Rigg (D3) 351
Adams (D3) 337
Mackie (D4) 135
Mitchel(D4) 132
Total person toting: 1468

You can see more about the results here on City’s website: