Yesterday, the City published more data about last week’s election.

This includes the voter turnout in each district. According to statistics, a total of 1,536 voters voted in this yea’s election. The total number of voters in 2019 and 2017 were 2,092 and 2,648 respectively. This year’s City-wide voter turnout is 10.35%. The voter turnout was 12.51% in 2019, and 14.5% in 2017. You can see the historical voter statistics here on City’s website.

At this year’s elections, the Percentage Voting in District 1, 2, 3, 4 are  11.5% 8.5% 11.5% 8.0% respectively.

685 voters voted on Election Day.

The City mailed  13,579 ballot applications to active voters as of 8/31/21. The Post Office returned about 1,500 applications as undeliverable. Most likely, these voters do not live at the addresses anymore.

The City issued/mailed 1,095 ballots before the election day, however, it received 851 “valid” ballots by the deadline. Ballots returned by mail with deficiencies (i.e., in an Oath Envelope that was not signed, or without an Oath Envelope) were deemed invalid unless cured.

Voters dropped 471 ballots at 3 ballot drop boxes located at Calvert Road School (161 ballots),  at Stamp Student Union (15), and at Davis Hall (295)

From the total number of votes cast in every district, I was able to calculate the % of votes cast for each candidate. Please see that below

% of
Kabir (D1)56459594.7%
Kennedy (D1)38659564.8%
Catlin (D2)10725142.6%
Esters  (D2)17025167.7%
Whitney (D2)16425165.3%
Adams (D3)27547857.5%
Day (D3)240478 50.2%
Rigg (D3)37747878.8%
Mackie (D4)17321281.6%
Mitchell (D4)18321286.3%
Wojahn (Mayor)13121,53685.4%