Recently, the Knox Box apartments were torn down and, because of that, our staff has seen an average reduction of over one ton of refuse on the Monday routes. As a result of this reduction in Monday pick-ups, the Department of Public Works staff is proposing to re-align our refuse and recycling routes.

The proposed changes to collection routes are as follows: (1) Autoville and Cherry Hill will move from Wednesday to Monday; (2) Oak Spring East (Branchville Road to Huron Street) will move from Wednesday to Monday; (3) Sunnyside will move from Wednesday to Tuesday; and (4) A portion of Hollywood East (Edgewood Rd. from Rhode Island Ave. to 51st Ave., Nantucket Rd., Niagara Rd., Ontario Rd. to 51st Ave. will move from Wednesday to Tuesday.

With the change of routes on Wednesday, Public Works go from two refuse trucks and two recycling trucks going out on Wednesdays to one each. This allows staff to be available for other duties on Wednesdays.

Please see below a map of the new route and let me know if you have any questions.