Congress has recently enacted the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), and specifically the Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Funds (LFRF). They provided the City with significant funding to be used to help the City, its local businesses, families, and individuals recover from the major negative economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic

Based on the most recent information the estimated total funding for the City is $21.97 million. The FY2022 Approved Budget had estimated the total funding at $16.1 million based on the General Fund budget. 50% of the funding is expected to be received this month, July 2021, and the remaining 50% 12 months later, July 2022. The specific allowable uses of the funds have been generally established. The proposed uses of the funds in total are as follows:

Most of the recovery of lost revenue was earmarked in the FY2022 budget for transfer to the Capital Project Fund for use in existing projects; and provide for an additional $180,000 of budgeted expenditures in FY2022. The remaining amounts can be allocated for a wide range of uses as Council deems necessary.

Among the $5.8 million of CIP funds allocation, the staff is recommending to spend $614K for the Hollywood streetscape project, $250K for the CP Woods community building, $1.25 million on the pavement management plan, and another $1.25 million on the complete & Green streets project that fund the sidewalks.

The $9 million for grants and assistance is proposed to be allocated to several areas. These uses will require changes to existing programs or the development/creation of specific new programs. Currently, the staff is recommending the following areas for eligible entities:
1. Hotels & Tourism Industry
2. Restaurants
3. Local non-profit food banks and food delivery service organizations
4. Other local small businesses and non-profits
5. Additional funding of the City’s existing Business Façade and Improvement Grant program.

Th City Council will discuss these allocations at next week’s City Council meeting.

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