Snow plowing

In tomorrow’s work session, the Council will discuss purchase of a Freight-liner salt spreader and snow plow truck in the amount of $148,482.

The City’s Department of Public Works currently has six medium duty size dump trucks that have V-Box spreaders and 10′ wide snow plows for winter use. Four of the six trucks have liquid de-icing tanks that allow Public Works to mix liquid with the salt for easier and faster snow removal from the streets.

Public Works needs another medium size snow plow truck to add to its fleet to better help them during snow events. Staff has researched bids by other local government entities to find the most competitive provider for the appropriate piece of equipment that can even provide repairs or heavy equipment spare parts for any type of emergency on their equipment. Unfortunately, the Maryland State Highway Administration and the local counties do not use V-Box equipment because the roadways that they are plowing do not have low hanging utility wires (Comcast, Verizon & Pepco), like the City does.

Staff has learned that the District of Columbia issued a contract to Johnson Truck Center, LLC, Landover, Maryland for a Freightliner M2 106 Chassis with a Henderson heavy duty stainless steel dump body, a Henderson 1 0′ reversible hydraulic snow plow, and a Henderson stainless steel V –Box Spreader. Henderson Truck Equipment is based in Manchester, Iowa. In addition to the District of Columbia ordering 45 of those snow plow trucks, the Maryland State Highway Administration ordered 100 larger model Freightliners Trucks with Henderson equipment.

Therefore, Henderson has selected Intercon Truck Equipment, Joppa, Maryland as their local dealer. Intercon will stock parts for the Henderson equipment and can perform maintenance. Staff is recommending that the City of College Park purchase from Johnson Truck Center, one (1) 2013 Freightliner M2 1 06 chassis with a Henderson dump body, a Henderson V-Box Spreader with a pre-wet system and a Henderson 10′ snow plow in the amount of $148,482.00.

This expense would be charged to the current CIP account 925061- Vehicle Replacement Program–which currently has funding in the amount of $284,466.00. A second expenditure of approximately $28,000.00 will be forthcoming for College Park’s share of the new Four Cities Street Sweeper.

If the order is placed now, Public Works should be able to have both the truck and equipment built and delivered to them by mid-January 2013. If the order is placed in November, the City will have to wait until mid-March 2013 for delivery, after the snow season usually ends.