At tomorrow’s meeting, the Council will receive a presentation from City’s Seniors; Committee, which has been charged to make the seniors feel welcome in the City by providing more services to them. Since it was formed, the committee worked on ideas of how to provide these services.

The committee also collected demographic data about where City’s seniors population in the City. The committee is proposing to have a partnership with the Neighbors Helping Neighbors (NHN), which is a 501c3 local volunteer group providing services such as taking seniors to doctor’s office and groceries through a service called Village Rides. The committee is recommending that the Council provides $11,500 grant to Neighbors Helping Neighbors so that the group can provide a stipend for a volunteer coordinator whose responsibilities include day-to-day operation of the volunteer network.

The grant would also cover the cost of additional insurance for additional insurance costs and modest operating cost budget for other marketing and special event coordination.

At the meeting, the Council may also discuss future aging-in-place opportunities, such as providing assistance with home improvements and making seniors’ homes more accessible.