City Plans to Make Permit Application Forms Online

City’s website has many permit application forms like the one. http://www.collegeparkmd.gov/government/public_services/applications_and_forms.php,
Unfortunately it’s not very user friendly to use these forms, as our residents need to download, print, fill out, scan and attach these forms via email. Then they will need to make a separate phone call to make the payment for the application fee.
The good news is that as part of FY15 action plan, our staff and IT will soon start working to make these forms online on our website. This will make the application process a lot simpler. Once these forms are converted to online forms, our residents can fill out the information on our website and submit the payment there on the same web page. 
We anticipate the conversion work to begin sometime in the 3rd quarter of this fiscal year. They will most likely start with the forms related to Public Services department and then work on the forms in other departments. I will keep you posted as the conversion takes place.
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