City Plans to Install Safety Cameras along Trolley Trail

In this week’s worksession, the City Council will discuss a plan to put security survelillance cameras along the trolley trail in the Berwyn neighborhood area.

The City submitted an application for a $125,000 grant to the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention (GOCCP) to extend the City’s security camera system along the Trolley Trail in the Lakeland and Berwyn neighborhoods, and to install a license plate recognition camera on Berwyn Road at Baltimore Avenue. The GOCCP awarded a grant for this project. A proposal for this project has been received from the City’s current security camera system contractor, Hitachi Data Systems (formerly Avrio RMS).

This grant was awarded by GOCCP to provide CCTV cameras along the Trolley Trail between Jack Perry Plaza and Pierce Avenue; and to provide a license plate recognition camera on Berwyn Road, inbound from Baltimore Avenue. The original concept was to use fixed focus cameras at four (4) locations along the trail. It is anticipated that these will not be actively monitored, but would be record only cameras. Stored data would be available only to police investigators for forensic purposes. However, Hitachi has proposed using newer technology to provide pan/tiiVzoom cameras at five (5) locations. The proposal would use five (5) PTZ cameras set in predetermined scanning patterns to monitor the area around the camera installations.

Data would be stored on site rather than being transmitted to an operations center. Wireless data connections would be provided at each camera to allow authorized police to access and search the camera data. As these would be located within the UMPD concurrent jurisdiction, both UMPD and PGPD would be allowed access to data. This proposal includes the installation of dedicated utility poles at each camera location. to avoid lengthy delays seeking permission for joint use of Pepco utility poles.

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