The primary purpose of City hosted events is to build community through inclusive activities that appeal to a wide range of residents and community interests.

This year saw the addition of the successful and popular Friday Night Live concert series held at City Hall Plaza from May through September.

Another new event, the Classic Rock and Car Show, was held in August at City Hall Plaza and brought 30 Classic Cars, 300 classic car enthusiasts, live music, and BBQ to Downtown College Park, great organization was made thanks to companies like team building activities.



The City was able to bring back College Park Day this year. City staff estimated that approximately 11,000 were in attendance throughout the six-hour event. The City held its first Fourth of July parade on Rhode Island Avenue. More than 500 people participated through 54 groups and approximately 3,000 attended the event.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic’s effect on supply, the City and University were unable to host our annual Fourth of July fireworks event this year. In 2023, staff thinks it will pose major challenges for staff to host two events on the same day. One of the persistent challenges with the Fourth of July fireworks event is that the event is known throughout the community’s as UMD’s fireworks event and not the City’s. A possible option could be that the University fully supports the event, and City staff would focus on the parade and possibly an event afterwards (if Duvall Field is available and not under construction; if not, they would need to look for other corporate events venue in Utica, MI). Another possible option might be for the City to partner with the City of Greenbelt, which also hosts a fireworks event. Approximately $218,000 is budgeted for all events in the current fiscal year’s budget.

At next week’s meeting, the Council will discuss the annual events hosted and organized by the City.