At last night’s Council meeting, the City Council discussed a plan to add more security cameras throughout the city.

The City is planning to apply for grant money to buy five cameras. There of them are planned to be in north College Park. They will be at (1) Duvall Field on Trolley Trail Hiker/Biker Trail (2) Rhode Island Ave (Trolley Trail) @ Lackawanna Street and (3) Lackawanna Street and 53rd Avenue (Greenbelt Metro Station access)

The City is also planning to add two additional cameras in mid-town. They will be at Lakeland Road @ 48th Avenue and Berwyn House Road @ midpoint between Baltimore and Rhode Island Avenues c.

The City has invested in security camera systems using both grant funds and City funds. A Notice of Funds Available was issued during the week of April 25th by the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention (GOCCP) for FY17 grants. An application for a Phase 7 project has been prepared and will be submitted to GOCCP this summer.

To date, the City has installed 54 fixed (CCTV) and Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) cameras and 14 License Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras. There are 20-PTZ cameras and 7 LPR cameras distributed about Old Town, Calvert Hills, and Baltimore Avenue in Lakeland. These 27 cameras are monitored by UMPD Police. The 25 CCTV, 2-PTZ and 1-LPR cameras installed in the municipal garage are recorded on a server in City Hall. The remaining 1-CCTV, 6-PTZ and 6-LPR cameras are divided between College Park Woods, Hollywood, Berwyn and Lakeland. These store recorded video on-site. Each of these cameras has internet access to allow for downloading of data for police investigations.

The City executed a five year maintenance contract in 2013 with Hitachi (AVRIO), the City’s security camera installation and maintenance contractor, for $171,817. This contract will expire in 2018.

Representatives from Hitachi were at the Council worksession and demonstrated the operation of the most recently installed security cameras.
The City has invested $893,658 in installation costs for security cameras. Most of these funds ($728,353) were provided by GOCCP grants. A five year maintenance contract (2013-2018) cost $171,817. Air cards annually for internet access cost $4,800. The average annual cost of electricity over the last four fiscal years (FY13-FY15) is $4,500.