The Planning and Community Development Department is set to jointly apply to the Transit Land-Use Connections Grant Program and the Regional Roadway Safety Programs, facilitated by the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, for the Knox Road Open Space Traffic Study Project. This initiative aims to engage consulting services to conduct an in-depth traffic analysis regarding the potential closure of the 4500 block of Knox Road, situated outside City Hall.

The study will assess traffic impacts and multimodal movement in the Old Town neighborhood, considering both mid-term (weekend closures) and long-term (pedestrian plaza conversion) scenarios. Specifically targeting Knox Road’s adjacency to Route 1, the analysis will delve into the opportunities and consequences of such closures. It’s important to note that if the grant is secured, it will provide technical assistance through consultants rather than direct funding.

At tonight’s meeting, the Council will consider approving the submission of grant applications for the Knox Road Open Space Traffic Study to both programs.