City Plans Bike Boulevard for Safe and Convenient Biking


The City is working on a “Bike Boulevard” plan that includes a prioritized list of streets for retrofitting as Bike Boulevards, an itemized list and location for the infrastructure required for each, as well as an identification of funding sources, establishment of phasing for the planning-design process, and construction cost estimates for each candidate street.

Bike Boulevards are streets configured to promote safe and convenient cycling, while still permitting vehicle traffic. They are typically constructed along roadways that are too narrow to safely install dedicated bike lanes, meaning the travel lanes are shared space for both vehicle and cyclists. Bike Boulevards are signed and marked for cyclist safety, convenience and wayfinding.

Accordingly, they require streets that are low vehicle volume and are engineered to have low speeds, if needed. In addition, bike boulevards prioritize and emphasize safe and convenient cycling through roadway and intersection treatments that reduce cycling delay, and incorporate bike-specific pavement markings and wayfinding signage. Benefits to cyclists from Bike Boulevards include:

 Providing low-volume and low speed routes that are welcoming to a broad range of cycling abilities.
 Reducing travel time and increasing safety for cyclists by providing cyclists with the right-of-way at intersections.
 Designating routes that direct cyclists to cross major arterials at controlled intersections.
 Increasing visibility and branding of cycling as an alternative to driving

A well-designed network of Bike Boulevards will generally have:
 Efficient and safe low-volume cycling facilities for all user abilities.
 Engineering to discourage non-local traffic
 Traffic control that allows for safe crossing of major roads
 Minimal impact on surrounding traffic patterns
 Traffic calming measures to maintain low residential vehicle speeds
 Wayfinding signs for destinations and attractions
 Unique aesthetics that inform cyclists of desired routes and inform drivers that the roadway is a cycling priority route.

Here ia a map of all of the proposed bike boulevards and how they connect with existing trails and bike lanes, as well as key destinations.

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