The Owners (Kidwell Trust and John Hardisty) have undeveloped land at the intersection of Dartmouth Avenue and Rhode Island Avenue in the Old Town section of College Park. The Owners need to construct a roadway, currently named Randolph-Macon Road (to be renamed Howard Road) and install water and sewer before selling 7 lots for single family home construction. The owners have requested that the City of College Park construct the roadway. The City has applied for and received $127,000 in Community Development Block Grant funding that will be used Improvement at this property. This grant will expire this summer if not encumbered. The City has an existing bid contract with NZI that includes this type of work. The work can be added to the existing contract at the agreed unit prices without a bid process, which would expedite construction. The work will not proceed until a Declaration of Covenants is finalized with the current owners.

At last night’s Council meeting, the City Council approved an amendment to the contract with NZI for construction of Randolph Macon Avenue.

The Council will also approved an amendment to the Declaration of Covenants with Robert Kidwell, the current owner of the property. According to the amendment, Mr. Kidwell will get upto $250,000 loan from the City which he will pay back within 3 years. The loan is tied against the property deeds as security.

Finally, the Council approved an amendment to the City’s Homeownership Grant program. The amendment will qualify the purchasers of the homes developed on the Randolph-Macon property to receive the City’s homeownership grant ($5,000). The City adopted the Home Ownership Grant Program to encourage owner occupant housing. The terms of the grant require a recipient to reside in the residence for five years with the ability to rent to up to two other persons, and prohibits rental to anyone when the owner is not in residence. Including purchasers of new construction detached single family homes in the City’s Homeownership Grant Program encourages owner occupant housing.