LiveScan Fingerprinting

Changes to state law effective January 1, 2013 allow police officers to issue citations in lieu of arrest for certain offenses that previously required full arrest and processing at the station. However officers are still required to take offenders to District 1 or Upper Marlboro for fingerprinting and pictures.

In meetings with both UMD Police and PGPD, the idea of being able to do this in or near College Park was brought up as an excellent way to eliminate lost patrol time for officers.

Special equipment is available to expedite fingerprint processing. A digital fingerprint processing system, called LiveScan is recommended by Police. The LiveScan system will enable police to process arrestees in a more efficient manner. It will enable officers to return to patrol activities much faster.

The LiveScan system will cost about $25,000. city intends to use the unspent funds in last season’s snow and ice control budget. The funds will be used to reimburse the University of Maryland Department of Public Safety for the purchase of this equipment, which will be hosted at their police station. The equipment will be available for use by our City Contact Police and other police agencies.