Several complaints have been received from a resident along Cheyenne Place with respect to through truck traffic and resulting damage.

After receiving complaints from residents, we’ve made a request to install No Through Trucks signs on Cheyenne Place, Cree Lane, and Delaware Street to prevent large scale trucks from driving on certain residential streets.

Per the City Attorney, from available records, it appears that No Through Trucks signs in the area, which were installed many years ago, were approved by a resolution of Council. The overall authority to install other types of signs and controls, such as stop signs and speed restrictions, are in the City Code under §§184-1 and 2.

Specific stop signs are approved through Council resolution under §184-26. In keeping with how the other traffic restrictions are enabled in the City Code, one course is to adopt the overall authority to install No Through Trucks signage and designate alternative routes by ordinance, and then authorize the specific signage and route alternatives to be adopted by Council resolution, or by automatic approval if no Council action is taken (§184-26).

Under 184-28, the Mayor and Council have the authority for and are responsible for the promulgation of traffic regulations and the installation of traffic control devices within the city. Therefore, this section could be used to act on No Through Trucks signs by regulation. At minimum, any additional No Through Trucks signs must be approved by Council resolution. Simply posting the signs is not sufficient, as they are then unenforceable.

At the next week’s Council meeting, the Council will discuss if we should consider an ordinance for No Thru Truck signs through our neighborhood.