At next week’s Council worksession, it will discuss and consider approving a resolution for an Energy Efficiency Policy and a Renewable Energy Policy and authorize staff to submit an Action Plan for Energy Reduction and Renewable Energy Generation Program.

The city has elected to pursue an energy efficiency policy with the goal of reducing per square foot electricity consumption of city-owned buildings 15% within 5 years of the 2013 baseline year

Additionally, the city has been looking for a renewable energy policy towards a cooler planet by doing carbon offsetting with the goal of reducing conventional centralized electricity generation serving city buildings by meeting 20% of electricity demand with distributed, renewable energy generation by 2022.

The city was awarded grant funding in an amount up to $70,361 for specific projects to meet these goals. Grant funds may also be used for project planning and administration. In order to help the city identify appropriate projects and prepare an action plan, the city retained the services of Suzanne H. Parmet, Esq. The draft plan is attached and lists the types of improvement projects that may be implemented in each city facility. These improvements are based on energy audits previously completed by the city and may be adjusted, if needed, during the course of the program