Back in January, the Council discussed the self-imposed rules in §C8 of the City Charter that require us to advertise public hearings and fair summary notices of ordinances in a newspaper having general circulation in the City.

In the past, the Gazette was used for these notices, but since the Gazette folded, the City is using the Washington Post, at considerable expense.

At the January Worksession, Council agreed that instead of requiring newspaper publication for ordinances, the following methods were adequate for providing public notice: City website, Cable channel, Bulletin board, and Constant Contact email listserv in addition to the City newsletter. This form of notice has already been adopted for notice of the fiscal year budget by the Mayor and Council.

In preparing this amendment, staff found two other instances in the Charter where there is a self-imposed requirement to give notice in a newspaper having general circulation in the City: advertising a vacancy in the office of Mayor or Council, and, advertising the need for election judges.

At this week’s worksession, the Council will review and discuss the Charter Amendment prior to introduction next week.