City May Return Money to Build Hollywood Road Extension

At tomorrow’s Council meeting, the City Council will consider returning of $450,000 that is being held in escrow , towards the building of an extended Hollywood Road west of Route 1. The Mazza GrandMarc developer PPC/CHP Maryland Limited Partnership (PPC/CHP), gave half a million dollars in escrow when they built the Mazza apartment complex on Route 1. The developer so far used $50,000 towards a feasibility study about the proposed road.

Last week the engineer who prepared the feasibility study for extension of Hollywood Road presented the study to Council. The study included survey work, assessment of alignment options, site layout, grading plans and preliminary cost estimates.

The State Highway Administration was consulted as part of the study. The engineer proposed four alignment options however, SHA said only one alignment was acceptable. This option will cause the most significant impact to the businesses that are located on the west side of Baltimore Ave. This option would necessitate demolition of a portion of the buildings and leave the businesses without parking, in essence requiring a total taking of these properties.

The estimated cost for construction of the roadway is $625,000; this estimate does not include the cost of land acquisition, demolition and property analysis. It was agreed that the current access for Grand Marc Mazza is adequately serving the complex and that some safety enhancements could benefit those exiting the property. The representative of PCP/CHP agreed to work with SHA on safety enhancements at the current access.

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