At tonight’s meeting, the Council will consider a 5-year lease for Seniors Program office space at 10007 Rhode Island Ave, next to Gailes Violin Shop in north College Park.

Currently, the Seniors Staff is spread across 3 locations (Attick Towers, Spellman House, and United Methodist Church). Attick Towers has indicated that the space the Seniors Program occupies is needed by the Housing Authority.

As well, the office space the Seniors program occupies at the United Methodist Church is currently part of the space allocated to the Children’s Guild/Monarch Preschool’s space at the church and The Children’s Guild reserves the right to ask the Seniors Program to vacate the space if needed. City’s goal is to have the staff primarily located in one office space for cohesiveness and efficiency of workflow. Space for Senior Program activities is currently still available in the fellowship hall at United Methodist Church when gatherings.

The landlords have indicated that they would cover the cost of outfitting the space with partitions/office walls if the City enters into a 5 year lease; if not the cost of outfitting the space would be the responsibility of the City. The rent will be $1,500 per month, includes utilities, trash removal, char services, snow removal.