Staff has recently determined that the delivery fee for compost and wood mulch products was below market value and required an increase to cover the costs associated with this service. Staff also found that other entities providing delivery service of bulk products had a maximum delivery zone range between 25 – 35 miles.

The tipping fee charged to dispose of leaves at our facility has not been increased for a number of years, and was also reviewed. An increase in the leaf disposal fee would be representative of the fee charged at the Western Branch location; however, a savings in transport costs to those entities tipping leaves at our facility would still be realized from the shorter distance associated with material disposal.

The delivery charge for College Park residents would remain $20.00, and residents can have a minimum of one cubic yard delivered.

Customers outside of College Park have a three-cubic yard minimum. These changes are designed to ensure College Park residents benefit as much as possible from the program, and that costs to provide the service outside College Park are covered by charges for the service.

Staff is proposing

  • current product fees for leaf mulch of $13.21/cubic yard,
  • SMARTLEAF compost fee of $26.42/cubic yard and wood mulch of $11.32/cubic yard.
  • an increase in the current leaf tipping fee from $4.75/cubic yard to $8.75/cubic yard for entities disposing leaves at our facility. This equates to an 84% fee increase.
  • an increase in the SMARTLEAF compost fee from $10/cubic yard to $15/cubic yard for entities that tip leaves at our facility.
  • an increase in the current product delivery fee to delivery zones outside of College Park. Delivery zone 2, includes locations up to 4.9 miles (one-way) would increase from $30 to $60; delivery 3, includes locations up to 9.9 miles (one-way) would increase from $40 to $70; delivery zone 4, includes locations up to 16.9 miles (one-way) would increase from $45 to $80; delivery zone 5 includes locations up to 20 miles (one-way) would increase from $50 to $100.
  • Product deliveries to locations more than 20 miles away (one-way) would no longer occur.