When the City supported the detailed site plan of the proposed LIDL grocery store in Berwyn, LIDL agreed to design and install an art feature/interpretive signage for the area designated as the Berwyn Road Plaza located at the intersection of Route 1 and Berwyn Road, which is an entry way to the Berwyn neighborhood.

LIDL has recently requested that the City take over this task, including interacting with the neighborhood, selecting an artist for the design of an art feature, and installing the art feature.

The City will maintain the art feature. LIDL will pay the sum of $35,000.00 to pay for design and installation.

LIDL is the owner of a 3.30 acre site at 8601 Baltimore Avenue. LIDL has proposed the construction of a +/- 36,185 square foot grocery store on the Property.

Staff believes that it will be better able to select an artist and design that is acceptable to the neighborhood, and supports this request.

The City Council will comsider approving the agreement at next Tuesday’s Council meeting.