City May Hold November Election at UMD’s Ritchie Coliseum

Ritchie Coliseum, University of Maryland

It’s anticipated that the City Hall may not be available as a polling location for this year’s November 5 City election due to the impending City Hall redevelopment project. The Board of Election Supervisors is recommending adding Ritchie Coliseum as the third polling location. The BOES thinks that arrangements can be made with the University of Maryland for use of the space at no cost. We don’t anticipate having the parking issues at Ritchie that we are facing at Stamp.

The Council will discuss this option at tomorrow’s Council meeting

Additionally, the Council will also discuss revised election budget and voting centers at tomorrow’s meeting. Earlier, the Board was exploring the functionality of Voting Centers, which would allow a qualified voter to vote at any of the City’s three designated polls. This concept requires that the poll locations be connected in real time, just like the state/county do for early voting.

The initial plan was to work with the state on making this work, but in March the State told that they wouldn’t be able to support the City because they were tasked on another more pressing matter. The group met several times, a plan is in place, and equipment has been ordered. The preliminary election budget presented in February has been updated to include these costs. The new budget is estimated at $59,015.

Once the BOES have tested the equipment and know they have a working connectivity plan, they will proceed with advertising the polling locations and Voting Center concept to city voters.

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