At last night’s meeting, the Council discussed the possibility of establishing a new Bee City Committee and direct staff to advertise and recruit for committee member volunteers.

During October 8, 2019 Worksession, the Council acknowledged the importance of pollinator conservation and subsequently approved a resolution to designate the City of College Park as a Bee City USA affiliate. When the Resolution was approved by the City Council, there was discussion about the possibility of utilizing the Committee for a Better Environment (CBE) or a smaller subcommittee of the CBE as the Bee City Committee.

However, it has become clear that residents outside of the CBE are interested in volunteering as Bee City Committee members. Based on the information received from the Bee City USA Coordinator and interest from residents outside of the CBE. The City Council discussed creating a new stand-alone Bee City USA Committee to bring committed participants together that will advocate for pollinator conservation.