The Hospitality and Hotel industry in College Park suffered severe economic calamity during the Pandemic. Loss of revenue from room occupancy, conferences and food sales displaced workers and reduced many services offered by the hotels and restaurants, but luckily now it is much easier to find Hotel Oceanfront Balcony rooms, restaurants even have more options available for clients, people can even call for private dining. The grant offered will help cover property rent, basic services the include water and electricity and cleaning services. Kitchen Ventilation Hygiene Services is perfect for providing a safe, clean, and hygienic space for employees, visitors, and customers.

Many restaurant owners don’t know that they need to keep their kitchen well maintained and that doesn’t mean washing the dishes and mopping the floor, proper kitchen hood cleaning and grease recycle needs to be done and with everything else piling up the monthly expenses don’t come cheap. Most restaurant owners are ensuring the safety of everyone because they are in the food business. That’s why they hire the best Roanoke pest control companies to help them remove all unwanted pests living in the area.

The Mayor and Council approved the use of ARPA Funds to assist College Park Hospitality and Hotel industries recover from financial hardship caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic. To date, using ARPA funds, the City has issued 86 grants to Families and Individuals totaling $125,718.06, and 49 grants to Businesses for a total of $1,212,657.00. These allocations were made by authority and permission from the City Council at the implementation of our $2,500,000 ARPA funded Small

Business and Hotel Hospitality grant program. Additionally, the City made a $3,000,000 ARPA Grant to the Community Preservation Trust and The College Park City University Partnership (CPCUP). To further assist the hospitality industry, staff recommend the following RPA fund allocations to the following applicants:

(a) $300,000 to The Hotel/Southern Management Companies

(b)  $150,000 to Cambria Hotel/Southern Management Companies

(c) $350,000 to GrillMarx UMD Restaurant

At tomorrow’s meeting, the City Council will discuss the allocation of the proposed grants.