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City May Ask a Safer Bus Stop in Cherry Hill Neighborhood

A resident has brought a safety concern to Council and staff regarding the bus stop for Hollywood Elementary School students on Cherry Hill Road at Park Drive. Cherry Hill Road is very busy and cars go relatively fast compared to neighborhood streets. Many parents apparently drive their children to school because they do not feel this stop is safe for children. The resident brought the location concern to Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) staff last February.

After many delays in receiving a response, late last year PGCPS staff ultimately said the bus stop could not be moved and that the neighborhood streets were in a “no bus driving zone.” However, apparently two of the four PGCPS buses that pick up students at or near this stop use 47th Avenue, Kiernan Road, and Park Drive, with the bus stop located on Park Drive.

The proposed solution to the safety concerns of the stop on Cherry Hill Road is to request that PGCPS relocate the Hollywood Elementary School stop about 100 feet from the intersection and place it on Park Drive. The bus would turn onto Park Drive from Cherry Hill Road, pick up students, turn left onto Kiernan Road, left onto 47th Avenue, and then right onto Cherry Hill Road. This request could be authorized by the Mayor and Council and correspondence sent to the PGCPS Board and CEO.


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  1. Ellen Caswell

    I live on Kiernan and often make the turn from Cherry Hill to Park Drive. Cherry Hill is crazy dangerous for a school bus stop. Park Drive is pretty narrow, which is likely why they call it a “no bus driving zone”, but if it’s actually used for school buses it should work.

    I’d suggest moving the bus stop itself to in front of the Cherry Hill Neighborhood Park on Kiernan. There may be a reason I’m not aware of not to, but Kiernan is wide at that point and has quite a bit of parking.

  2. Fazlul Kabir

    Hi Ellen, Thanks for your feedback. I’ll share your thoughts with my D4 Council colleagues.

  3. Mary Cook

    We have been working with Councilmember Dernoga’s office and School Board member David Murray for months. The PGCPS powers that be have refused to move the bus stop. I hope that a letter from the City will help.

  4. Ellen Caswell


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