On Tuesday, May 16, I was sworn in as Mayor of College Park, leaving a vacancy on the City Council from District 1.

By the City Charter, the vacancy may be filled by appointment within 30 days (by June 15) by a majority vote of the Council. The appointed term will end in December when the next Mayor and Council are sworn in.

Residents interested in applying to fill the Council vacancy must be 18 years old as of June 13, a citizen of the United States, current registered voters in the City, and have lived there for at least one year. The applicant does not need to be a resident of District 1 to be considered but, if appointed, will represent District 1 on the City Council. District 1 is shown in blue on the map below and includes the neighborhoods of Sunnyside, Hollywood, Cherry Hill, Daniels Park and Autoville.

Information about the responsibility of the City Council is located in Article III of the City Charter: https://ecode360.com/12119206 and Chapter 62, Section 4 of the City Code: https://ecode360.com/9897014. The City Council meets on Tuesday evenings in the Council Chambers of City Hall. Councilmembers are expected to attend meetings in person except under certain circumstances. Council members are paid $7,000 per year.

If you are interested in being considered to fill the vacant Council seat, please submit a letter of interest with the following information:

1. Your name, address, contact information, and a statement asserting that you meet the above-mentioned qualifications.

2. Information about yourself. This could include your occupation, education, professional background, and community involvement. You may attach a resume.

3. Briefly describe why you should be considered to fill the vacancy.

Letters should be submitted by June 1 at noon in one of the following ways:

  • By email to cityclerkoffice@collegeparkmd.gov with the subject line “Council Vacancy Application.”
  • Mail or hand delivery to Janeen S. Miller, City Clerk, City of College Park, 7401 Baltimore Avenue, Suite 201, College Park, Maryland, 20740.

For more information, please call Ms. Miller at 240-487-3501.

[City of College Park]