This week, the City launched its new online parking services to help customers and residents conduct their parking-related business online in the convenience of their home or via mobile devices. The new AIMS Parking/EDC Corporation system offers residents and customers the online convenience to pay or appeal parking tickets and apply for residential and visitor parking permits.

Residents can access the new services here on City’s website:

The new online parking system will provide our residents with an easy way to obtain their parking permits or appeal parking tickets from the safety of their homes.

City staff researched various online parking systems for almost two years prior to selecting this new service through AIMS. Customers will now be able to view all their current and past parking citations, and photographs of the vehicle at the time of the infraction.

As part of the new features, the system enables City parking enforcement officers to run vehicle license plates to validate parking permits and infractions in real-time. This real-time data will aid the City’s parking enforcement officers and will enable them to work in the field more efficiently.

While this new system enables residents and visitors to easily conduct most parking-related businesses online, they can still call, mail, or come to City Hall to pay or appeal parking tickets or obtain parking permits and visitor passes.

During this unprecedented time, the ability for the residents to safely conduct most of their parking-related needs online is a major benefit. The system will improves both our staff productivity and convenience for residents.

[City of College Park]