Now is a great time to plan for the future by planting trees. Trees provide many benefits such as reduction of cooling and heating costs, interception of rain water, increasing property values and improving air quality.

Starting this year, City of College Park property owners can apply for reimbursement of up to $150.00 annually for trees planted on their residential lot in College Park. The Tree Canopy Enhancement Program (TCEP) guidelines and application is available here. The completed application should be sent to for review and approval.

Asplundh, tree contractor for PEPCO, is scheduled to begin line clearance work on the sub-transmission power line along Route 193 west bound between Rhode Island Avenue and the ramp to Route 1 north during the week of April 3rd. About 70 trees in the Maryland State Highway right-of-way are scheduled to be removed to eliminate interference with the power line and to maintain reliability.

Additional trees in this area are also scheduled to be pruned. Tree work will continue along Route 1 north bound, in the SHA right-of-way, from the ramp from Route 193 north to the beltway. About 6 trees, mostly Ash, will be removed between the Route 193 west bound ramp to Route 1 north and Cherokee St. The thickets of Bradford Pear trees on both sides of the outer loop of the beltway, in the SHA right-of-way, at Route 1 north will be removed as well as 2 Oak trees at the ramp from Route 1 to access the outer loop of the beltway. Contact Brenda Alexander, DPW Assistant Director, for more information.