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City Hit by $20M Lawsuit

A group of property owners in College Park has recently sued the City with a $20M  lawsuit. A 19 page court document detailing 107 complains (please see below) says that the City has enacted rent control ordinances that only apply to residential properties (and not other apartments / student housing). The plaintiffs also have complaints against the rent stabilization board that the City has been forming to enforce the ordinances.

The lawsuit asks the Court to award the plaintiffs “$20 million dollars in compensatory damages”. Additionally, it asks for another “$20 million in punitive damages plus cost, expenses and attorney”s fees as well as any other relief available under law”.

Another lawsuit by the property owners was previously rejected by the State Court of Appeals in December 2008.

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  1. Fred

    Landlords are forced into this position to fight the rent control law. The law the way it stands now is not at all reasonable nor is it effective in producing the stated goals.

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