College Park City Hall

For almost twenty years, there have been many discussions about the future of the existing building on Knox Road to relocating to Calvert Road school to constructing a new City Hall at a different location.

In 1996, the current building was extensively renovated. In 2003, the City issued a RFP (Request for Proposals) to real state developers for a downtown parking garage and redevelopment project.

At that time, several sites were evaluated for the relocation of City Hall but ultimately the proposed private sector development on the site failed to move forward and only the downtown parking garage was built.

There was also another factor. The City must commit a design fund prior to June 1.

Considering all these factors, City staff decided that the most expedient and cost effective solution is for City Hall to remain at its present location and be expanded.

Out of $3.68M total expenses, $2.72M will be spent on the new construction of addition and the remaining (.96M) will be spent on the renovation of the existing building.

In its final council meeting last month, Frederick based construction and architectural company Profitt & Associates P.C. was awarded the contract to do this expansion and renovation work. The proposal document says it will take about 12 to 16 months to complete the project.