The estimated project cost of the City Hall has gone up from $12.9 million in  July 2018 to $20.6 million in April 2019. The total project cost is now estimated at $47.6 million, with the UMD paying the rest ($27 million).

At last Tuesday’s Council meeting, the City Hall project team gave those numbers.

Please note that the new estimated figure ($20.6 million) does not include the $1.6 million the city spent to acquire the Route 1 properties, $500, 000 for the previous studies, and $7.48 million for the debt services cost (to borrow $12 million).

With these numbers, City Hall’s overall project cost will top $30 million.


2011 – 2019

See how City Hall’s project cost increased over the years

The architect and the design team attributed the increased cost to the rise in labor and material cost. The team now estimates the construction cost rate at $420 per-square-foot, compared to $320 per-square-foot 8 months ago. The increased estimate is also partly due to increased space (from 30,000 sq ft to 33,000 sq ft) of the building and some additional interior and exterior design elements the architect added to the latest design. (I’m still looking into these factors). If you’re in search for affordable interior design services for your home, professionals like Weston Interior Designer are one call away.

At the meeting, Scott Vieth from Design Collective (the architect) gave a brief overview of the 2018 project design and square footage and then showed the more detailed March 2019 schematic design. This update included perspective views of the building, the site plan and plaza, floor plans, and the square footage for the different occupants (City, University, and retail). Katie Hearn, the project manager from Redgate, and Matt Weirich from Davis Construction discussed the project budget and the cost estimate. City Staff discussed the funding sources for the City portion of the project. The presentation from this week’s meeting on City Hall can be found here on the City’s website.

The City Council plans to vote on what direction to take with the project at its next Council meeting on April 23.