Home ownership

The City currently offers $7,500 grants to people who purchase rental properties or foreclosed or vacant properties, or who work for the City or as police officers or career firefighters, as long as they agree to live in those homes for at least five years after they purchase them.

When the City expanded the program to career firefighters and EMT’s, the volunteer firefighters from College Park Volunteer Fire Department and Branchville Volunteer Fire Department requested that they be included in the program as well.

The Council initially had some concerns about ensuring that people were bona fide volunteer firefighters, and last week, representatives of the fire departments came to speak about how they ensure that volunteers are engaged enough with the department to qualify for different benefits from the fire department.

These volunteers have to gain a certain number of points, which requires them to go on a certain number of rides or otherwise be substantially engaged with the department for at least two years.

“I feel that passing this incentive for volunteers will help ensure that additional volunteer firefighters live and serve in College Park.” – said Patrick Wojahn, District 1 council member.

[Source – NCP listserve]