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City Eyes to Demolish / Facelift Route 1 Properties

Just when residents are expressing frustration in the Route1 development, here comes some good news. Those blighted and vacant stores across Route 1 will soon be receiving some help from the State of Maryland to change their looks – and in some cases to disappear completely.

The City of College will soon be applying for a $95,000 grant from the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) to revitalize properties across Route 1.

DHCD is offering funds for a Neighborhood Intervention program, which targets rehabilitation of blighted commercial property or strategic demolition of vacant properties across various municipalities in the State of Maryland.

Please see the map below to find out the properties that the City staff is proposing to improve. Some of the property owners have agreed to demolish their properties, while others have agreed only to improve their looks. Please click on the red icons below to find the details.


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  1. DAK4Blizzard

    Interesting. Relating to your post a couple of days ago, “The North South Divide,” is resistance to demolition another possible reason Route 1 north of Rt 193 is not receiving money? I noticed in the Route 1 plans that there are several more properties that would be displaced north of Rt 193 than south.

  2. Fazlul Kabir

    Hi DAK4Blizzard, First thanks a lot for your comments. What it appeared that the City looked into all properties across Route 1 and found more properties to be developed in north College Park part of Route1 than on the south. The news should certainly be a welcoming one for those long time residents who have been waiting for years for these properties to be redeveloped.

    That said, some north College Park residents have grievances about the recent plan to spend $8.8 million in improving the south part of Route 1. Unlike the $96K funds to facelift stores, this $8.8 million will be used for the design and engineering of the actual Route 1. Please check out this article to find more on that development.

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